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Автор: dima
2006-01-19 [#18867]

The Best Of AFN III

Форум: Разное

Best of AFN III 139 more how-to articles that appeared in American Fireworks News between 1990 and 1995. In general, the content is a bit more advanced than Best of AFN II. Great stuff on rockets, compositions, chemicals, fusing, electrical firing, and much, much more. The AFN II & III books are simply the best buy in the world--there is nothing out there that is as jam-packed with useful, practical fireworks making information. 198 pages. Пролежит на сайте недельки 1,5-2: http://ruspyro.net/books/Best%20of%20AFN%20III.pdf Объем: 2.8 mb С уважением, администрация www.ruspyro.net

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  • dima Содержание книги 2006-01-19 [#18868]
  • Shurik сенкс за книгу.... ;-))) 2006-01-20 [#18875]

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